In 2016, Michigan enacted the Michigan Marihuana Facilities Act (MMFA), which became effective in December 2017. The MMFA establishes a access to safe sources of marijuana for medical use and regulated licensed growers, processors, secure transporters, provisioning centers, and safety compliance facilities, operating under clear requirements to promulgate the public health, safety, or welfare. See MCL 333.27201. The MMFA does not legalize marijuana here in Michigan, but instead is designed to allow registered patients and caregivers the ability to purchase medical marihuana at a licensed operator or business.

In order for these licensed businesses to dispense medical marihuana, they will need to cooperate and do business with other licensed facilities outlined in the Marihuana Facilities Act. There are five different licenses (1) grower, (2) processor, (3) secure transporter, (4) provisioning (dispensing) center, (5) testing or compliance facility. Each of these individual facilities will require an application along with local and state approval in order to begin operation. The application process can be done online or by paper; however, it is important to contact and advise legal counsel prior to engaging in the submission of an application under the Marihuana Facilities Act. The reasoning for this is due to the required disclosures and assets needed in support of the application, along with ensuring general legal compliance within the marihuana business. Moreover, there are specific technological requirements for each individual license in order to track the distribution, creation and transportation of the various products created under the Marihuana Facilities Act.

A marihuana defense attorney is necessary in any situation that involves medical marihuana. The laws are constantly changing and being modified in various ways, which simply justifies the need to have and utilize your attorney’s advice. The process for obtaining a marihuana facility license can be difficult without the proper assistance. Josh Jones is here today to provide you with all of your medical marihuana advice and insights.